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Welcome, Artists and Companies, to Tandem's Website

Tandem exhibiting at the Midem international music conference.
Mr. Graham Way, President, pictured here with an industry colleague.


Tandem offers distributors, licensees, record companies, specialty marketing companies, volume retailers, mail-order operations and digital licensees throughout the world many fine music albums and individual music tracks (our tracks are available for both physical and digital-only compilation releases), as well as special concept DVD product. Browse complete albums and DVDs using the scroll bar to the left; access our extensive list of individual music tracks by clicking here or by clicking on the "Music Track Library" button on our home page.

Labels represented include Almus Jazz, Amo Records, Anu, Apela Group, Artisan Records, Highland Records, Indian Sounds, Knockgrafton Productions, Laughing Fox Music, Maria Manna Music, Mark Bracken Music, Mayker Records, Melodeon, Midsummer Recordings, MTI, Mythic Salmon, PacificLine Music, Rainforest Records, Regina Music Inc./Regina Musical Company Inc., Rising Phoenix, Sound Advice Marketing, SA Records/S. A. Records, Trocom Music, World Wide Success Records. Our current roster of music includes World, Native, Pop/Rock, Latin, Bossa Nova, Chill, New Age/Contemporary Instrumental, light Classical, Celtic, Nature Sounds With Music, Instrumental Covers of Popular Hits, Christmas, Christian, Judaic, Children's, Novelty recordings and Poetry With Music.

Our music is available for AFM soundtrack and synchronization/transcription use as well as for special projects, compilations, ring tones, cable music channels, in-store digital kiosks, internet pay-per-download sales, streamings and subscription services, etc. Complete albums are available for licensing or, if preferred, in many cases as finished product for export to your country. Please contact us for more information.

TO BEGIN BROWSING OUR ALBUM SELECTION choose from any of the categories of music listed in the scrollable bar to the left. You will then be offered an opportunity to hear a sample of each track from whatever albums interest you in that category by clicking on one of the online retail store links provided. Click on the "DVD" button for our DVD selection.


Tandem provides international record management services for selected independent recording artists and labels, getting their albums and music tracks placed with "brick and mortar" (i.e., non-digital) distributors and licensees in foreign territories as well as with digital licensees, such as major and specialty online pay-for-download/digital music subscription sites. We have attended many international industry conferences/trade shows such as Popkomm in Berlin, Germany, and MIDEM in Cannes, France.

Our company also serves as a consultant to artists/independent labels needing advice or guidance. Please note that we are not a personal (artist) management company, tour management company, booking agency, PR firm or publicist and we do not represent the publishing interests of independent writers.

Please see below for more detailed information on our activities and for our submissions guidelines and policies.


Digital Placement of Albums and Song Tracks: We represent all styles of music to companies that offer music in digital configurations such as major and boutique commercial pay-per-download/music subscription online sites, companies providing digital kiosks to stores from which consumers can download songs into their mp3 player or burn songs onto a disc, ringtone/ringsong providers, companies supplying background music to businesses via digital devices, etc.

International Record/Song Track Representation: Tandem Music Group acts as a record management company for independent artists and labels who wish to see their recordings and song tracks placed throughout the world with distributors, record companies and firms that license music for special market niches. Note: this placement service with non-digital companies is limited to certain music genres (see "submission guidelines" section below).

We undertake the roles of contacting potential licensees and distributors, negotiating contracts and taking care of all the paperwork, invoicing, shipping abroad, handling money transactions, monitoring royalty statements/payments and so on. This allows the labels and artists to carry on with the important creative work of producing and performing.

We are not currently accepting submissions for international representation (record management) of recorded material to "brick and mortar" (i.e., physical product) distributors and record companies.

Publishing Representation: Tandem does not represent the publishing of independent writers, except in some cases those whose music tracks we represent.

Please note that Tandem is not a management company, tour management company, booking agency, PR company or publicist firm.

Consultations: We provide general and case-specific advice, guidance, industry insights/information and support to artists, songwriters and independent record labels/companies for various purposes and in various circumstances, such as those involving contract concerns/negotiations, project planning/budgeting, financing, industry analysis, market evaluation, song material evaluation, domestic and foreign marketing/promotion, an artist's potential, talent development options and important career or business decisions.

Critiques: We provide critiques of artists' recorded music to help them get a reality check on their talent level, their song material or the potential for their CD. For details refer to our Current Submissions Guidelines section.

Current Submission Guidelines

Submissions that we will and will not accept:

We are not currently accepting submissions for international representation (record management) of recorded material to "brick and mortar" (i.e., physical product) distributors and record companies.

For those seeking digital placement, we are accepting submissions in ALL genres of music.

For those seeking a consultation or a critique of a specific recording, please refer to the relevant policy information below.

How It Works:

We listen to every recording submitted to us by artists seeking representation to online music retailers worldwide, whether it be a complete album or individual tracks. Note that we prefer initially that sound files be emailed to us, in MP3 format. If the material is of interest, we will contact you and request more tracks or albums that you may have.  Note that we do not take the time to search sites to download material for review unless we have already heard some material from the artist. When first emailing sound files, limit your submission to no more than three songs (maximum 12 mb per email). Note that we have an effective spam blocker in place, called SpamArrest. The first time you email you will be required to go through a simple verification procedure, otherwise we will not receive your email. Please do not send us music files for our consideration if your music is not available to us for placement with major digital retailers, such as iTunes and


Critiques: We provide artists/songwriters a constructive, meaningful written critique (telephone option also available) of their recording, including suggestions for improvement, covering the following subject areas: quality and appropriateness of vocals (if any), quality and appropriateness of instrumentation and arrangements, the song material, the production quality, the graphics (if any), and how well the project does or does not serve its intended purpose. IMPORTANT: a recording created for one purpose may not serve you well for other purposes. For example, a demo recording created to get gigs locally may not serve well for radio play purposes, or a self-produced recording that may sell well at live performances may not gain much interest from record companies. Therefore it is necessary when submitting a demo for a critique that you inform us as to the original intended purpose(s) for which the demo was made (i.e., to get publishing representation and/or to get gigs and/or to get interest from a record company and/or to sell at gigs and/or to get radio play and/or to get interest from domestic or foreign distributors) and the budget spent on the project. A fee of US$100.00 (Cdn$100.00 for artists residing in Canada) is applicable. Note that payment is required before any critique can be provided. Note that we also critique websites and other promotional material, such as press kits.

Consultations: A per-hour fee (excluding long-distance telephone or fax charges) of US$100.00 (Cdn$100.00 for artists residing in Canada) is applicable. If we need to review any material (sound recordings, song material, bio, video etc.) in order to more thoroughly prepare for a consultation session, there is an initial one-time fee of $100.00 on top of any hourly session charge. In such case we will provide you a list of the appropriate items to supply us for this purpose based on what you have available. Such consultation can be in the form of written or verbal communication, in person or by phone, or a combination of both. You set the limit as to whatever amount that you are able to spend in your circumstance for the assistance that you require and we will assess beforehand whether the amount is sufficient, excessive, or unrealistically low. We will do our best to tailor our work to stay under or within your budget and no additional fees will be charged without your prior approval.

PAYMENT POLICY (where applicable): If a music critiqe or our consulting service is desired we require all payments to be made in advance for any such service provided. Residents of Canada may pay by PayPal, email transfer, bank draft, Canadian postal money order, Canadian dollar personal or business cheque. Note that in the case of personal or business cheques there will be a delay of two weeks to allow for bank cheque clearance processing before we are able to proceed with providing our service. For any US resident paying in US funds, payment by PayPal, bank draft or international postal money order is recommended. If payment is made by personal or business check, there will be a one-month delay to allow for the processing of any. Any payment from outside North America must be in the form of an international bank draft or by PayPal. 

AUDIO/VIDEO SUBMISSION POLICY FOR CONSULTATION &/OR CRITIQUING PURPOSE:  Music and video electronic files can be submitted by email, YouSendIt, via an FTP site, or you can direct us to a Webpage(s) from which we can listen/view the material. Material can also be sent in physical form via mail or courier. Email or phone (see our Contact page) for our address. Note: if sending material in physical form from outside Canada, please do not send by any ground or air courier--please forward only by surface mail or airmail and put the words "sample of merchandise--no commercial value" on any customs declaration, noting a total value of NO MORE than US$15.00). Be sure to include a covering letter with any submission, outlining your reason(s) for submitting your material (i.e., critique, career advice, etc.) and be sure to include your contact information. We do not accept physical copies of any material unless payment for the service requested has been received.

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