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Welcome to the Tandem Music Web site.

This site permits you to link to two major online retailers, iTunes and eMusic, where you can hear samples of any of our current selection of recordings and purchase the music. Note that you do not have to be a registered user with the retailer in order to hear the music samples. Although we don't sell music directly from this website, paid downloads of our music, including individual tracks, are available from many online retailers around the world besides iTunes and eMusic. If you want a CD of a particular album and can't locate where to acquire one, contact us and we will try to assist you.

To begin browsing our selection of music, choose from any of the music category buttons in the bar on the left. You will then be able to read a short description of the albums and link to the sound samples for whatever albums interest you.

Our speical interest DVDs are available for purchase from this website at US$19.99. DVDs are on our DVD page (click the "DVD" button in the bar on the left of any page), where you can read a descriptions and view clips from the DVDs and order direct from us. To assist you in keeping track of the DVDs that you decide are of interest, a "shopping cart" note pad will accompany you on your journey through the page. At any time you may take steps to submit an order for DVDs by clicking on the "prepare the order" button at the bottom of the shopping cart page. Please note that this shopping cart does not function with the Netscape web browser.

Customers receiving shipments outside of Canada are responsible for any duties or taxes that may applied in your country. For shipments destined within Canada, federal (GST) tax (and provincial tax where applicable) will be added to the value of your order. For any size of order, shipping within Canada or to the US is US$3.50 and to any country outside Canada or the US is US$7.50.

All payments are to be remitted in US funds. If you are paying by VISA (the only credit card we currently accept), your VISA slip that accompanies your shipment will show the price converted into Canadian dollars, however your VISA statement will show the order value in your nation's currency. You may also take advantage of our special quantity discounts (based on product cost excluding shipping):

Orders over $60
15% Discount
Orders over $100
25% Discount


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